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  • The lower price is usually a single journey [A to B] trip [up to 1 or 2 hours] where no onward trip is required after the ceremony and possibly on a weekday, whereas the higher price is for a full length wedding engagement possibly a church wedding with an onward trip to the reception venue after the ceremony [up to 3 or 4 hrs] and usually on a weekend. If only one guide price is shown then that is the local price for all types of wedding itineraries, on all days and usually up to 4 hours. Cars used as an A to B trip only for example the Groom’s Transport may only include one or two hours.   Remember the price guides shown are for weddings ‘local’ to the vehicles base and prices will become steadily higher the further away from your wedding area the vehicle has to travel from and return to.   Price guides are to give you an idea of cost of a wedding local to the vehicles base, the lowest price shown is the lowest price that car will be able to be hired for.

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