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  • It takes around two hours to professionally prepare a vehicle before every wedding regardless of whether the car is required for a full wedding itinerary or an [A to B] single journey, this includes valeting the interior, washing and polishing the exterior and ribboning the vehicle. We must then also account for the travelling time to reach the collection address, therefore even a very short one way [A to B] hire requires our paid labour for approx three hours before you actually see the car and this is incorporated into the local price shown on the website.  Clients only requiring the car from A to B for a short trip should take into consideration these earlier cost implications when requiring a vehicle for just a ‘few miles’.   Here is an example, let us say a car has to travel 40 miles to reach the wedding area then complete the ‘few miles’ with the client but afterwards it then has to travel back the 40 miles to base, so some 85 miles may have to be taken into consideration for what understandably may seem just a few miles to the client. The starting from [or local price] shown on the website may also need to have additional mileage charges added as in the case of the above scenario which is clearly not local to the wedding area.  In fact the overall costs are not really that much difference whether for an A to B or a full church wedding itinerary.  Also, to give you peace of mind each car is only used for one wedding per day even if it is only an [A to B] one way trip, trying to fit in two weddings in a day with all the problems that can bring is not the way we as a professional company will operate, and with the main wedding season usually being on Saturday’s from just April to Mid October we must ensure the annual running costs for each car is achieved in these few months as most cars will not be working as often during the low season.

    The low season provides an opportunity to carry out the older vehicles winter overhauls and any general maintenance as required on the other vehicles.

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