• Subject to the vehicle chosen, we cover most destinations within Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Surrey, Berkshire, Bristol, East Sussex, West Sussex and some parts of Kent and Cornwall.  In addition to these counties we also cover many other counties not mentioned above as we continue to expand our business of which we hope will eventually cover most of the UK.  To find the vehicles that are based local to your wedding area and therefore the costs will usually be lower click on the ‘Vehicles’ tab above then use the drop down search boxes to add your ‘Collection Postcode & Ceremony Postcode’ [if not known use the town names instead of postcodes].  By doing this it will save you having to look through all of the vehicles we have, of which some may not operate in your wedding area.  Also remember that by choosing Local Cars they will be at Local Prices.

    Most vehicles will operate in and across other counties in addition to the local county of their base so do not exclude vehicles based in neighbouring counties, however for a guide to the operating area of a particular vehicle simply click on a vehicle that you like and when that page opens up you will see a circular pink Google Map which will offer a guide to it’s operating area, if you click on the map it will become larger showing more town names, however adding the postcodes of your itinerary in the relevant boxes will produce more accurate results.

    Some vehicles have very generous mileage allowances and can therefore either be driven or be transported by trailer anywhere throughout our operating area to attend a wedding, some throughout the UK.  Remember though, the further away it has to travel from will be reflected in the price.

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