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  • An A to B wedding is a ‘Single Venue’ wedding and is exactly as it sounds, the only journey required is from the collection address to the ceremony venue. As the ceremony and reception are both being held at the same place there is no onward trip required after the ceremony. If the Bridesmaids are to be taken to the ceremony venue in the same car prior to Bride this will also be included in the A to B scenario.  Unless you have requested a 1 hour hire up to 2 hours are always included in the quote for A to B weddings which start from the chauffeurs arrival at the collection address which is 15 minutes before the first departure.  Most A to B weddings are civil ceremonies and are usually much shorter than church weddings so this should then leave enough time for the chauffeur to wait until immediately after the ceremony so the Bride and Groom can have photographs together with the car before it departs back to base.  If you have requested a one hour [pick up and drop off] hire at a lower cost than a 2 hour hire it is doubtful there would be sufficient time remaining to include a wait until after the ceremony.  If the car is required for longer than the normal 2 hours this would not be a problem however any additional waiting time may need to be charged but this would depend on the price originally quoted, therefore please advise when booking if you think you may require the car for longer than 2 hours so we can offer an accurate quote.   Please also see question Q57.

    A Full wedding is usually a church wedding, a registry office wedding or a wedding at a ceremony venue where a trip will be required to another destination after the ceremony.  For these longer wedding itineraries we include up to 4 hours in the quote which for 99% of weddings has always proved to be more than ample. Your photographer will then have plenty of time to capture those special moments without feeling rushed knowing you still have plenty of time before having to leave for the reception venue, also if you wish to stop off en-route to your reception venue for additional photographs there should still be ample time within the 4 hours. If the car is required for longer than 4 hours this would not be a problem however any additional time required would be at an additional cost and as long as we are advised you require additional time at the booking stage this will be included in your quote.  If you have requested a shorter 3 hour hire at a lower cost than a 4 hour hire there may not be sufficient time to stop off for additional photographs en-route to the reception unless the main photography session after the ceremony and the service itself are planned to be short.  However if the collection, ceremony and reception addresses are all reasonably local to each other there may still be time to stop en-route.

    Late Availability weddings encompass both A to B and Full wedding itineraries and a single price is therefore quoted.  The only difference here is that the vehicle prices have been substantially discounted as ‘Late Availability’ is only for last minute bookings where your wedding day is within 21 days of the day you book. These rates are only applicable strictly within this timescale.  Up to 4 hours are included in all late availability prices, however if the late availability booking is for an A to B wedding we would expect the after ceremony photography with the car/s to be completed well before this time.  Not all vehicles are available at L/A rates so if you see N/A in the vehicle information box that particular car will not be available at a Late Availability rate.  Late Availability rates are discounted local rates and will still be subject to additional mileage charges if the total mileage required exceeds that already included in the local rate.  Included mileage is calculated starting from when the car departs it’s base and ends on it’s return to base, the included number of miles can vary depending on the particular vehicle chosen.

    One other difference with ‘Late Availability’ bookings is that some owners have more than one car therefore if their first car has already been booked at the L/A rate they will be driving this car themselves however this means they will need to pay someone else to drive their second car, if their L/A rate is set very low to start with the additional cost of a driver would then preclude their second car being available at the reduced L/A rate, and although still available for bookings this would need to be at the standard rate, so in this scenario the first to book will get the L/A rate.  Late Availability rates are for new enquiries and bookings only, if a previously booked vehicle needs to be changed for whatever reason within 21 days of the wedding the replacement vehicle will be quoted at the current standard rate if the original reservation was made over 21 days prior to the wedding.  Please also see Q22.  [all L/A rates are subject to driver and/or vehicle availability].

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