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  • The totalĀ amount you will have paid has been based on the information given at the time of your booking and therefore covers all of the itinerary advised, however if the last minute different destination or additional trip is not too far removed from the original itinerary the Chauffeur will be as flexible and understanding as possible [within the price already paid], but within certain limits. If on the day a specific route is requested, for example a scenic route that differs from the direct route the driver has originally planned, or a direct route when the driver has already planned a scenic route then as long as the route requested is considered suitable for the vehicle in question and does not increase the mileage significantly there should be no problem however the client must be prepared to offer directions if the chauffeur is not familiar with the last minute change to the route and accept that total driving times may differ from those originally planned possibly making the arrival times at destinations different to those required. Where two or more cars are booked belonging to different owners the client should advise each owner if they prefer both cars to follow a specific route when they make contact around 7-10 days prior to the wedding, the owners/drivers can then liase together to provide a seamless service. Making direct contact approximately 7-10 days prior to the wedding day with each owner/driver who will actually be providing the service is not only a sensible requirement but is also required as per the terms and conditions and as such Premier Carriage will send an email to all clients to this effect nearer the time in the form of a courtesy reminder. The client must understand that each owner will probably some weeks previously already have pre-planned a route suitable for their particular vehicle and in most cases it would normally be a route where all cars followed along the same route however some vehicles are not considered suitable for every route, for example slower Vintage Cars would not be appropriate for fast motorways, or long or tall vehicles may not be suitable for winding country lanes with overhanging cables and branches so the client must bear this in mind and trust the driver to plan the most sensible and suitable route for their particular vehicle.

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