• Because we have so many cars and therefore many hundreds of wedding engagements throughout the year it would be totally impractical for us to do this, so regretfully we are unable to provide ribbons for clients own cars.  Another reason is that we would always recommend these are attached to the cars the day before the wedding because if this is left until the last minute when the chauffeur arrives along with the ribbons if it is wet or blowing a gale everyone involved [now dressed in their finest] gets thoroughly soaked and this is not the best way to start off a special day, for all concerned.   Wedding ribbons are very inexpensive to buy and we along with all wedding car companies need to use polypropylene ribbons as they are waterproof, we do not use silk.  Polypropylene ribbons are those your local florist uses for bows on their floral bouquets, in fact this is usually the best way to purchase small lengths of ribbon, so before going to an expensive specialist hobbycraft shop for ribbons pop in to your local florist and ask if they will sell you a length long enough for the particular car you wish to decorate, subject to the florist this should not cost you more than a few pounds.  Again for minimal cost your local florist may even make up a bow for the front of the car if required.  As a guide, the width of the ribbon we use for the cars is approx 2 inches.

    If you are concerned that the ribbon colour shade for your own cars and those of the hired wedding cars may not match then by all means send a small snippet of the ribbon direct to the vehicle owner/s whose contact details will be on the confirmation sent to you by Premier Carriage and they will where possible do their best to colour match, however if you do decide to do this please send the ribbon sample at least four weeks prior to the wedding.  Please do not send samples to the offices of Premier Carriage as we are unable to forward these on to individual owners or purchase ribbons on behalf of clients for their own vehicles.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

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