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  • No, Premier Carriage provides it’s booking services completely free of charge to the client, however there are certain situations when we may make an administration charge although ALL of these can be avoided, they are:


    1. If a payment cheque is returned to us unpaid by the clients bank for whatever reason we will make an administration charge of £20 this will be added to the originally quoted amount in order to re-instate the booking. If the returned cheque was for the balance payment then the outstanding amount plus £20 administration charge will become due in order for the vehicle/s to be provided.  Cheques returned unpaid means re-payment can no longer be accepted by cheque and will need to be made by another means.


    2. The full outstanding balance can be paid at any time convenient to the client as long as this is received not later than 42 days prior to the wedding which is the final date for us to receive payment. Payments not received in full by the final date can generate real cash flow problems for small businesses and creates additional work for our office staff having to send reminders to chase unpaid or incorrect underpaid accounts, it can also mean we then have to pay the vehicle owners for you out of our own funds while awaiting your payment, please remember we provide our services free to the client if payment is received on or before the final due date. If the full balance payment has not been received by the final due date we will send a courtesy reminder, thereafter if the full correct balance payment has not been received and cleared in our account within 5 days from and including the final due date which then involves our having to spend time sending further reminders an ‘Administration Charge’ of £25 will automatically be added to the balance outstanding. If for any reason there are problems meeting the final payment date please advise us before the final date and before we need to send a reminder, we will always help if we can and this additional admin charge can then be avoided.  Clients who make a booking within 42 days of the wedding will be advised of their final date for full payment to reach us. The balance outstanding is shown on the ‘Confirmation’ and/or on the ‘Invoice & Statement of Account’.  Please see Q35 [2] re-cheques.

    Most Respectful Note:  Premier Carriage is unable to send further reminders to every client when their own individual final payment date is approaching, especially as this has already been advised in earlier communications. It is after all the duty of the client to remember to pay their account, not the responsibility of Premier Carriage to remind them.  For other wedding services ie Photographers, Musicians, Venues etc. where only one engagement per day can be carried out, sending just one reminder a few weeks beforehand is a very quick and simple exercise and therefore could reasonably be expected, however Premier Carriage is slightly different as it has ‘hundreds’ of individual vehicles so very many more weddings will be taking place every day [not just one] and as such further reminders to every client would be very time consuming and therefore not possible, at one time when we had less vehicles to co-ordinate we did send reminders but this little courtesy actually caused offence to some clients, it really was a no-win situation. Please remember this charge is avoidable and should a reminder be required a timely note kept in a diary may be a helpful consideration. Thank you for your kind understanding.


    3. As part of our complimentary booking service we will of course be more than happy to update or amend your itinerary details as we know vehicles are sometimes booked early in wedding preparations and we fully understand occasionally additional information needs to be advised or changes to originally advised  itineraries need to be made.  Our policy is not to charge for making changes on the first occasion, however if we experience a number of separate changes and/or updates on a particular booking after the initial free courtesy change we reserve the right to make an administration charge of £25 to cover the additional time and work involved in the producing of additional itineraries.  To ensure this charge will not apply to your booking we respectfully ask all clients not to advise of any changes or missing information, with the exception of a change of wedding date, until you are certain all of the final amendments or updates are to hand.  Experience has shown us that making repeated changes or updating missing information by drip feeding causes confusion to the vehicle owners carrying out the itinerary with continuous amendments or updates being sent to them which could lead to mishaps on the actual wedding day, not to mention the additional administration time this involves for our office staff.  In the interim we will of course be more than happy to re-assure or advise by telephone at any time if you are concerned about the impact any changes you need to make may have.  An administration charge can therefore be avoided by making a note of any changes or updates required then by email or in writing advise of all updates and changes at the same time.  So to re-cap, we are more than happy to amend or update your itinerary without charge at any time, but we reserve the right to make an administration charge of £25 if more than one separately advised amendment or change is requested necessitating further detailed itineraries to be produced for client and vehicle owner.   Naturally it will not count as a chargeable amendment if this is to correct an error made by Premier Carriage, or if you are simply updating previously missing information, or if you are adding additional vehicles to your booking.  Thank you for your kind understanding.

    Please Note: Final updates and changes should be advised as soon as possible but not later than 21 days prior to the wedding as additional payments may need to be made if different destinations or increased mileages are involved. Vehicles can only be provided after the full outstanding balance has been received. Changes of wedding date must be advised as soon as known.


    4.  Mail that has not been delivered to Premier Carriage due to insufficient postage being paid by the sender or indeed no postage paid at all will need to be collected at the post office sorting depot by a member of our staff as Royal Mail will no longer allow postal delivery workers to collect cash on delivery at the doorstep.  Therefore a £20 admin charge will be added to your booking if we need to make a special trip to collect your mail, this charge will also cover the postage due and excess fee we will have to pay to take delivery of the senders letter.  Previously we have always accepted mail with insufficient or no postage paid and covered the few pounds required as this used to be infrequent and was conveniently collected by the postal deliverer on re-delivery, however due to the increasing number of letters being sent with insufficient or no postage paid we will no longer cover this increasing expense especially as we need to make a special trip to the sorting office to collect it.  To ensure your mail reaches it’s destination on time and admin charges are not applied to your booking please ensure that the postage has been paid and the correct postage stamp amount is affixed for the size of envelope being used. Thank you for your kind understanding.


     Vehicles will only be provided on receipt of the full outstanding balance

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